Turbo Roll High Speed Door

Prices from £2500 + VAT

An energy efficient fast acting door system which provides an energy solution for busy industrial openings. Suitable for high traffic flow. Its fast action dramatically reduces heat loss, noise contamination, airborne pollution and time lost waiting for conventional roller shutter doors to open.

Turbo Roll doors are a super fast roll up design with compact free standing side and head columns. A special reinsertion system is introduced at high level so should the curtain be dislodged by impact, the door will simply recover its position with one open and closing cycle.

This range of Fast acting high speed door has been designed to minimise drafts and maintain constant temperatures. They are ideal for pest/vermin control and mild to moderate wind pressures. The doors are particularly suitable for industrial applications as well as supermarkets sales floor to warehouse, clean room, food preparation and car wash areas.

All Turbo Roll High Speed doors include:

  • Fabric ZIP Curtain with or without vision windows
  • Low level Bottom safety edge detection
  • Safety Photo cell
  • Inverter drive
  • Push button station
  • Break out system

Doors available in the following colours:

  • Yellow RAL 1003
  • Blue RAL 5002
  • Orange RAL 2008
  • Red RAL 3002
  • Grey RAL 7037
  • Black RAL 9005
  • White RAL 9016
  • Green RAL 6028

(Special colours available upon request)

  • Maximum width 4500mm, maximum height 5000mm.
  • Door operating speed: up to 1.5metres per second.
  • The Turbo Roll door has been wind load tested to category 3.
  • Data sheet available for full specification.

To find out more about the Turbo Roll high speed door or further information regarding other speed door products, please contact our sales team on 0121 565 6165.

Built in the Midlands

2 week fast track delivery available

blue turbo roll high speed door red turbo roll high speed door yellow turbo roll high speed door small yellow turbo roll high speed door