Security Shutter Benefits for Retailers

Retail environments are always a big target for eager criminals. Therefore, it is vital for retailers to enforce strong security precautions to deter criminals and prevent unauthorised entry by using security shutter systems as a barrier at all points of entry.

Recently, our team of approved subcontractors have been installing our custom made retail security shutters across the United Kingdom. Starting with a busy branch of Halifax bank based in Leeds, then Merry Hill McDonalds in Dudley, and ending with Brixworth Medical Centre, near Northampton. You can see the results for yourself over on our YouTube channel.

But with so many ways to keep your premises protected, what benefits do security shutters bring that cannot be provided by simply locking the doors and installing CCTV cameras?

Benefits of Security Shutters

Durable Design

Manufactured from steel or aluminium lath, our highly efficient manual and electric shutter doors come with a choice of curtain slats for installation and finish requirements. When comparing a steel or aluminium shop front shutter to a vulnerable glass window, security shutters are not only more likely to deter unwanted criminals, but will also add a higher level of protection for those who still attempt a break in.

Easy to Operate

Our strong security shutter doors are straightforward to install with the help of our expert team of approved subcontractors. Single or multi-controlled operation capabilities are included with your new shutters, to make the system easy to operate for everyone on the team who requires authorised access.

Suitable for Different Environments

Our high performance security roller shutters operate excellently in a variety of retail and commercial environments, from small entries to large industrial uses. Being custom made in the West Midlands, also allows us to cater the design to the requirements of your premise, as one size may not fit all.

Strong Protection

All of our retail security shutters can be perforated or fully punched to allow ongoing visibility, while remaining strong to hold against forcible entry. In addition, our enhanced vision curtains can be used where ventilation is needed or when illumination is required to act as a guide into the premise.

To take the extra step for added protection on your premise, get in touch with a member of the UK Rapid Door System’s team to discuss your commercial door requirements today on 0121 565 6165.

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