Key features of the ultimate factory door

As business is becoming more fast-paced, operational processes need to keep up in order for companies to stay competitive. This often means dealing with busy factory environments, where all operations need to run smoothly with minimal downtime and running costs. Surprisingly, something as simple as installing an efficient factory door can improve operational flow whilst generating big long-term savings. When choosing your factory door here are some key factors to consider which will ensure that you choose the best option for your facility.

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Maximising space

How much space do you have? For smaller factory environments, a door with bulky mechanisms, with a surrounding frame and roof, can consume your needed space. Instead a high speed roller or folding factory door can help you make the most of your available room. These doors do not require other structures outside of their frames. Turbo roll and fold doors will simply roll or fold up in their contained door space, improving space efficiency. If you need to consistently provide access for pedestrians, choose an industrial door which can incorporate a sliding gate or wicket gate, as this will offer easier access for foot traffic.

High speed doors

How fast a door acts and recovers from any obstruction is essential for improved workflow. High speed industrial doors are especially beneficial for factories that require vehicle access, to minimise the wait time for drivers and build-up of traffic. The ultimate factory door should be able to operate in seconds, whilst being able to recover its position in one open and closing cycle if dislodged.

Temperature control

An insufficient factory door might tamper with internal conditions, but it can also cost you more in energy consumption. In environments where the temperature must be regulated, a high speed door can improve temperature maintenance by reducing the amount of heat that escapes and the amount of cold air that comes in. An insulated fast-acting door, will further help to block any exterior weather which could impact the inside of your factory, as well as improving energy efficiency. As well as drafts, insulated high speed doors are also useful for preventing dust or vermin from entering the facility.


Industrial doors are built to be highly durable and secure to deter unwanted access. However, for establishments needing extra security, steel or aluminium doors are extremely resilient and can provide optimal protection.

Improving health and safety

Depending on your business, fire safety may be a crucial concern in your factory. Fire shutter doors will reduce radiant heat and the risk of compartmental fire spread. Our ‘fire stopper’ insulated doors use a twin skin steel lath construction that offers up to a 96% radiant reduction. An insulated fire door will help to improve safety for your staff and control damage to your property.

Our versatile, strong and energy-efficient range of industrial doors work innovatively to improve operations in factory settings. Our quality doors effectively control operating atmospheres, temperature, noise or dust and vermin, and are available in a range of RAL colours to suit your corporate identity. To find out more, you can call our team on 0121 565 6165, or email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


Industrial Doors for Effective Winter Energy Saving

During the winter months, many industrial premises will find their energy bills soar, as they battle to maintain a comfortable working environment whilst the temperatures outside drop.

A recent study in the food and drink industry, for example, found that businesses could make energy savings of up to 20% if they addressed problems such as poorly insulated doors and windows and improved overall building energy management.

So, how can your choice of industrial doors help you save money on your winter energy bills?

Making the switch to insulated doors, particularly in areas of high traffic flow and where the outside meets the inside, can save your business money.

These rapid speed industrial doors, such as our insulated dual door, operate at a speed of up to 1000mm per second, thus keeping heat loss to a minimum as doors open and close quickly.

Watch our video below to see our insulated dual door in action:

Not only does the double skin lath on this product enable good heat retention properties, but it also gives you added security – another important factor when choosing your industrial doors.

If you would like to find out more information about our insulated dual doors or the other products we offer that can help your business to become more energy efficient, please speak to the UK Rapid Doors team on 0121 565 6165 or email

Professional Dugouts For The Mikes’ Players and Officials

The brand new 3G pitch at Boldmere St Michaels Football Club was in for a treat recently as it received brand new professional dugout seats courtesy of UK Rapid Door Systems. The two metal framed seating systems comfortably seats 24 players and officials on the side lines, helping to give the pitch a truly professional finish that many higher league football clubs would be proud of.


Upon hearing about the huge project taking place at The Mikes, whereby the old, sloping grass pitch was dug up and replaced with a state of the art 3G pitch along with training courts, the team was called upon to design, manufacture and install a comfortable seating system which would be utilised by the home and away team for years to come.

Full standing access is granted under the covered seating area, allowing players and managers to stay warm and dry whilst they prepare for and watch the action on the pitch – something which most footballers will relish during the cold, wet winter months! The pitch side seating area allows the subs to stay involved with the game and motivate them to be ready for action as soon as they are called upon to take up their position.

The first team to make use of the seats were The Mikes Under 11s, as they took on Coldland Colts and beat them 10-1 – a huge congratulations to the boys who have the privilege of using the fantastic new facilities for many years to come.


Whilst industrial doors are the primary products designed and manufactured by UK Rapid Door Systems, the team are always willing to consider alternative requests from the community, and will produce work to the highest possible quality at a cost effective price. To find out more about the services offered, contact the sales team on 0121 565 6165 or email

Fire Prevention for Schools

Following on from last week’s Fire Door Safety Week, this month we’re discussing fire prevention methods for schools. Whilst the number of deaths in school fires is thankfully very small, between 2000 and 2005 there were approximately 8,000 fires on school premises. (Source: With less than half of these fires being caused accidentally, the biggest cause of school fires is arson.

The economic cost of a fire in a school is huge. Repercussions can include:

• the cost of having to hire temporary accommodation whilst the section of the school is rebuilt
• the cost to replace teaching aids
• loss of facilities for the community
• loss of coursework and personal property belonging to staff and students
• the implications of the number of pupil applications to the school in the subsequent years

Fire Safety Training

One of the key ways to prevent a fire from starting, is to educate and train members of staff in fire prevention and management. Schools have a legal responsibility to carry out risk assessments so as to identify key hazardous areas. These can be carried out by a trained member of staff or a member of the local fire brigade. For example, boxes of paper surrounding a photocopier are a prime target for a fire to ignite, due to the heat given off by a photocopier when in constant daily use, and the fact that paper is fuel for a fire. Staff should take care to identify alternative areas to store high volumes of paper, and the area surrounding the photocopier should be free from clutter.

Fire Detection Systems

It goes without saying that a fully operational fire detection system should be installed within all areas of a school, and should also be tested regularly. Many fires start during the school day, and it is vital that every member of staff and all pupils are fully aware and well-practised in evacuating the school building in a calm but swift manner. All alarms and fire detection methods should be tested regularly.


Fire Shutter Doors

Inevitably, the school kitchen is one of the prime areas within a school with a high fire risk. It therefore pays to have adequate methods in place to prevent a fire from spreading beyond the kitchen and throughout the school. Industrial fire shutters are becoming common place in school canteens, as a fire should remain contained within the kitchen and be prevented from spreading any further. At UK Rapid Door Systems we offer a range of high quality Fire Stopper fire shutter doors which are well suited for use in schools. With the ability to resist a fire for up to 240 minutes, the doors are designed to contain a fire until the emergency services can arrive.

To find out more about our fire shutter doors, give our sales team a call on 0121 565 6165.

5 Things to Look Out for When Choosing the Right Industrial Door

Industrial doors come in many forms, shapes and sizes, and it can be a daunting task to choose the right one, taking all the technical aspects into account whilst ensuring that it’s fit for purpose. Finding the best industrial door for your environment however is so essential for the smooth running of day-to-day operations and brings about a number of business benefits:

• A rapid acting door system helps to streamline a safer traffic flow at busy openings
• A quality, energy-efficient industrial door can minimise heat loss and save you a significant amount on your facility’s energy bills
• Using the latest technologies, an industrial door system can enhance levels of security for any working environment

Whether you need a secure High Speed door for better productivity, or even a heavy duty Ice Freezer Door or Fire Shutter to protect your valuable assets, here are 5 of the key things you need to consider when choosing the right one for your current and future needs:

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At UK Rapid Door Systems each of our high performing industrial doors provide businesses across the UK with exceptionally strong, long-lasting, resilient, safe and functional solutions to their operational needs. To find out more about our range of industrial door systems or to speak to us about your bespoke requirements, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team on 0121 565 6165.

Why Choose UK Rapid Door Systems to Install Your Industrial Door?

Upgrading your industrial or commercial door can greatly improve your operational running and save your business money. Together with keeping your premises secure, a quality rapid door system can improve temperature and pest control, speed up processes and keep your working environment far safer. However making sure it’s properly installed is just as important as the quality of the door itself. If not installed correctly, your new door will likely not be fully secure or effective; it could pose a big threat to health and safety and lessen productivity.


As well as manufacturing a comprehensive range of high quality roller shutter and high speed industrial door systems we specialise in their installation, repair and maintenance. Our professional in-house installations team have over 40 years’ experience and will ensure that your door system is installed effectively, safely and securely, with minimal disruption to your business.

In addition, you can receive continued support with our complete installation and maintenance solution for whatever door system you have in mind:

• We’ll give you expert advice on the best door installation to suit your needs
• Each installation is fully tested to ensure your new door system is running optimally
• Our team will be certain to comply with all health and safety standards when on site
• We can provide you with a regular maintenance service which will assess your system and inform you of any repairs or adjustments which we can carry out for you
• As well as installing new rapid door systems, we can supply and install roller shutter parts for all models in need of repair, to help you save on the costs of a whole door system
• We also offer a call out service to secure your door system for any emergency

Once manufactured in the West Midlands our innovative industrial door systems can be delivered to you in 5 days and installed by the UK Rapid Door Systems team with skill and efficiency. Along with making sure that the team is familiar with all of our door systems, we provide continuous training for our installers so that they always have the practical requirements to carry out a high quality fitting and are aware of the most up to date government regulations.

Whatever door system you’re looking for we’re happy to discuss your requirements, solve the logistical problems and offer the appropriate solutions to suit your needs. Our quick turn around and high quality installations will ensure that your business can benefit from a fast, secure and efficient door system.

If you’d like to find out more, simply give us a call on 0121 565 6165, or email

Healthy and Safety Compliance: Why Regular Industrial Door Maintenance Matters

Installing a highly efficient industrial door is one step towards improving work productivity and health and safety within your facility. A high-speed door with a fast and automatic recovery is a key way to reduce the risk of injury or accident should something become obstructed in the door opening. However, by not sufficiently maintaining your door system you could be putting people’s safety at risk and become liable for any problems that do occur.


Why does an industrial door system need regular maintenance?

In April 2009, two employees were in the process of repairing a roller shutter door that had been damaged after being struck by a forklift truck. The door had been knocked off its guides however the frame structure was held to the wall by 8 bolts on each side.

When 6 of the bolts were removed on one side, they attempted to manipulate the door back into the slides, however the roller door fell onto them and trapped them both. Both employees suffered serious leg fractures.

Luckily their injuries weren’t fatal, however their injury and their subsequent leave from work could have simply been prevented by a regular door maintenance service.

Getting a maintenance service for your industrial doors

For any of your industrial doors we offer a regular service and repair call out package. This means that should your door become damaged, worn or out of service, you can get a professional and prompt repair from properly equipped and highly skilled engineers.

Having a reliable maintenance service in place will give you peace of mind that your doors will be repaired to comply with health and safety, without risk to your employees or others on site. There are a number of benefits to having your industrial doors maintained:

• As well as improving health and safety in the workplace, you’ll be able to comply with legal requirements.

• If something should happen to your door, our fast call out service will help you minimise downtime. We understand the needs and demands of the industry so will ensure we can get your business running normally as quickly as possible.

• Keeping your doors in top condition by being regularly maintained, will prolong the operational life of your assets and make sure that they’re in an efficient and safe order.

• Our expert team will be able to identify any possible health hazards before they become a problem, and can recommend any improvements that are needed to boost your operational productivity.

• Along with preventing the premature replacement of parts, a maintenance package that keeps your industrial doors in the best condition could save you money in the long run by helping you avoid potentially costly emergency call out charges.

If you’d like to find out more about getting your industrial doors maintained or to get a quote from our team, feel free to call us on 0121 565 6165 or email

Why Choose an Insulated Dual Door 1000?

In a busy industrial environment where the smooth running of processes is critical, your industrial doors must be fast-operating and highly durable, but also thermally insulating.

A dual insulated industrial door is ideal for warehouses and units with high traffic flow, as the double skin panels effectively prevent any heat unwantedly escaping, even when the doors are closed. Combined with a high speed operating system, the Insulated Dual Door 1000 can avert large temperature differences and improve energy-savings for businesses.

With a highly secure double skin profile, DPU door offers superior thermal protection to lower temperature loss at openings and help to reduce operating costs. This is especially beneficial for facilities handling fresh goods or goods reliant on a consistent temperatures in storage, as it can minimise the amount of energy needed in any cooling processes. The Insulated Dual Door 1000 features:

  • A pre galvanised 110mm deep insulated lath curtain with ‘U’ value of 3.9W/m2K
  • An insulation value of 4.8W/m2K
  • An operating speed of 800mm to 1000mm per second, ensuring that little time is lost waiting for the door to open and that minimal heat will be lost
  • Hard wearing nylon end locks and an aluminium bottom seal, with a rubber weather seal
  • Steel profiled channel side guides with twin siliconised weather strips
  • A safe drive motor unit with built on frequency inverter for effective operation
  • A safety bottom edge and photo cell for use in cold store warehouses

Using forward technology and manufactured in the Midlands, the Insulated Dual Door 1000 is an extremely secure, high quality and high speed solution to your operational needs.

The benefits of the Insulated Dual Door 1000

  • The dual door opens vertically and therefore creates more space in front of and behind the opening
  • As a sturdy and tightly sealed DPU door, the Insulated Dual Door 1000 provides excellent security
  • Its weathertight seals provide brilliant resilience against a range of outdoor conditions
  • The Insulated door is ribbed for a modern and elegant appearance, and can be powder coated in a range of RAL/BS colours
  • The solid, thermally insulating industrial door is extremely durable and requires little maintenance

If you’d like to find out more about the Insulated Dual Door 1000, or to see the wide range of industrial doors at UK Rapid Door Systems, feel free to speak to one of our friendly team members on 0121 565 6165, or simply email us at

Save Your Business Time with a Turbo Roll High Speed Door

Here at UK Rapid Door Systems we specialise in manufacturing and installing energy efficient Turbo Roll High Speed Doors. With prices starting from just £2,500 +VAT and a selection of RAL colours to choose from, our team at UK Rapid Doors will be pleased to provide advice and guidance regarding the most suitable high speed door for your premises. Just give us a call on 0121 565 6165 or email to find out more information.

Operating at a speed of up to 1.5 metres per second, our carefully made doors help to save workers valuable time as they dramatically reduce the time spent waiting for conventional doors to open and close.

But what are the other key benefits of having a turbo roll high speed door fitted into your business premises? Let’s take a closer look at the top 5 features:

6. Creating a better working environment

With a quiet operation, the Turbo door won’t be a distraction or nuisance for employees in its vicinity. Although lightweight, the Turbo door is resilient and will help to reduce noise contamination from the outside or adjoining areas. This is particularly beneficial if you’ll be using a high speed door for an external area where bad weather conditions could create a lot of noise.


7. Lowering contamination

The folding door will reduce drafts because of its tight sealing and minimal opening and closing time. You’ll also be able to more effectively protect any goods or equipment being stored, as the Turbo door reduces the risk of airborne pollution and dust deposits entering your facility.

8. Ease of use

The Turbo Fold High Speed Door requires low maintenance, and as a self-operated, automated system, it makes for a reliable, easy to use high speed door system.

9. Extremely resistant

Importantly, the Turbo door is highly durable and resistant to extreme exterior conditions. Wind tested to level 5, you can be sure that the Turbo door will provide excellent protection for your building against bad weather, for the long-term.

10. Versatile

There are a range of colour and size options available to suit your individual requirements. Colours can be matched to your company colours and vary from bright yellow through to grey.
For more information on our range of industrial door systems or to speak to our team about your requirements, please call us on 0121 565 6165 or email