Industrial Doors Blog recap: A look back at the year that was

A year is a long time in any industry and 2017 has certainly been an interesting and challenging one in the world of industrial doors and related systems.

So with 2018 on the horizon, we look back at what we learned this year – from rising energy costs, increased demand for industrial doors and advancements in fire awareness.

In October we reported on the marked increase in the worldwide requirement for automated industrial doors, particularly for use by businesses in busy commercial properties – Read

Many of our clients have given great feedback on their new industrial door installations, so in September we explained the many great advantages they offer to businesses – Read

In August we talked about how fire damage can have devastating consequences on businesses, and discussed the importance of fire shutter door upgrades – Read

Back in sunny June we explained two of the key factors to be considered when choosing suitable doors for the workplace, the dual criteria of speed and energy efficiency – Read

Whatever the size of your retail business and irrespective of how long you have been operating, protecting your shop will be a key priority. We discussed the key factors in AprilRead

In March we offered a comprehensive guide to the use of Industrial Doors and explained how, from Turbo folding doors to insulated dual doors, we can provide an ideal solution – Read

What are the key features of the ultimate factory door? Back in February we looked at how installing an efficient factory door can improve operational flow whilst generating big long-term savings – Read

Keep on reading in 2018!

 As one of the UK’s leading manufacturers and installers of rapid acting doors, we know a fair bit about the industry! So, with over 40 years’ experience in the trade our blog page is always a great source of news and opinion from the sector, with plenty more coming up in the New Year.

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