The 10 Top Features of a Turbo Fold High Speed Door

When choosing an appropriate high speed door system for your external or internal openings, there are many factors to consider to optimise and protect the flow of people, equipment and goods. Adaptable to diverse industrial environments, the Turbo Fold High Speed Door uses a simple, effective fold-up motion which cleverly collects the fabric curtain as it rises. Not only do Turbo doors improve operational functionality and safety, they also provide a number of other benefits to businesses looking to increase their environmental efficiency, security and performance in high traffic areas. Here are the top features of a Turbo Fold High Speed Door and its benefits for a variety of applications:

1. The ideal energy solution

Because of the extremely fast action of a Turbo door’s opening and closing cycle, the door will be open for a minimal time and only when necessary. As a result, heat loss will be greatly reduced, allowing for savings on energy usage and a better climate control for a comfortable working environment.


2. Faster operations

The fast action folding door is suitable for exterior or interior use, as a much quicker solution than conventional roller shutter doors. The Turbo door operates at 1 metre per second and uses new technologies to reduce waiting times and streamline material flow, transport and production and logistic processes.

3. Improving employee safety

Available in a range of sizes, the industrial Turbo door is designed for high traffic flow. As such, doors can include transparent vision panels in the curtain, to facilitate easy, safe and faster passage crossing.

4. Advanced detection

Photocells are built into the Turbo Fold High Speed Door vertical frame as standard. This means that the presence of a person or object in the vicinity of the door can be immediately detected, preventing the door from closing or returning to the top of its cycle if unsafe. Equally, the bottom rail of the Turbo Fold High Speed Door incorporates a self-monitoring safety edge to detect pressure during descent.

5. Minimal disruption to work flow

Like our other high speed door systems, if an object should become trapped within the door frame or the curtain becomes dislodged from its secure frame, the Turbo door will recover in one opening and closing cycle, helping to minimise disruption to work flow. This is extremely useful for areas in an industrial, commercial or retail facility where there is a high traffic flow.

6. Creating a better working environment

With a quiet operation, the Turbo door won’t be a distraction or nuisance for employees in its vicinity. Although lightweight, the Turbo door is resilient and will help to reduce noise contamination from the outside or adjoining areas. This is particularly beneficial if you’ll be using a high speed door for an external area where bad weather conditions could create a lot of noise.


7. Lowering contamination

The folding door will reduce drafts because of its tight sealing and minimal opening and closing time. You’ll also be able to more effectively protect any goods or equipment being stored, as the Turbo door reduces the risk of airborne pollution and dust deposits entering your facility.

8. Ease of use

The Turbo Fold High Speed Door requires low maintenance, and as a self-operated, automated system, it makes for a reliable, easy to use high speed door system.

9. Extremely resistant

Importantly, the Turbo door is highly durable and resistant to extreme exterior conditions. Wind tested to level 5, you can be sure that the Turbo door will provide excellent protection for your building against bad weather, for the long-term.

10. Versatile

There are a range of colour and size options available to suit your individual requirements. Colours can be matched to your company colours and vary from bright yellow through to grey.
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