Retail Security Shutter installation in South London

The team at UK Rapid Doors are pleased to have completed another successful security shutter door installation within the retail sector.

Work to install four new shutters was recently performed on behalf of a major UK grocery chain at one of their local convenience stores in the borough of Wimbledon, South London.

The project (pictured above) was finished to the complete satisfaction of the client, with works undertaken during quiet periods and evenings in order to prevent any disruption to the regular operations of the store.

Our team manufactured and installed a full set of bespoke high-performance shutters to replace the antiquated system that was previously in use, offering the premises increased protection, safety, insulation and convenience as well as a fresh new look.

Key features of our Retail Security Shutters include:

  • Internal or External Operation
  • Remote operation available
  • Varying security levels available
  • Varying visual lath types to enhance store visibility
  • Galvanised finish to prevent rust
  • 1-year warranty on shutters
  • Fitter Friendly

Customised applications

Designed and manufactured in the West Midlands, our innovative retail roller security shutter doors are made to order and are suitable for a wide range of commercial uses across the United Kingdom, from shop fronts to industrial buildings.

Tailored to the exact requirements of our customers, each of our Retail Security Shutter options can be perforated or fully punched, providing ongoing visibility whilst maintaining a high level of integral strength to prevent burglary and any other form of forced entrance.

For a completely customised service, all of our shutter applications can  be treated with a choice of powder coating in a wide range of RAL colours, allowing them to compliment company colouring and branding on any premises.

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At UK Rapid Door Systems, we manufacture and supply a wide selection of Retail Shutter doors and other industrial door systems that are designed and manufactured to the specifications of our clients.

To find out more about our range and how an installation can benefit your business, please call our friendly team on 0121 5656165.

Looking back on our highlights of 2018

As the new year arrives, we can look back proudly on what has been a very busy and successful 2018 for the team here at UK Rapid Doors.

We’ve installed state-of-the-art door systems for clients across the UK over the past 12 months, working with partners in a wide range of sectors in locations in the West Midlands and beyond.

So as we welcome in the New Year, here we remember some of the projects and products that have been highlighted here on our blog during 2018.

  1. Temperature Controlled Doors

Way back in January we unveiled our new The Ice Freezer Door. This innovative temperature-controlled application was designed and manufactured to answer demand from UK businesses such as food processing companies that require temperature-critical working environments.

  1. Safety first

In March we responded to reports of a rise in accidents related to industrial door systems by outlining the key safety measures that should be made during installation and use. These include using trained operators, professional contracting and scheduled maintenance.

  1. On camera!

May saw us showcase three of our latest door installations via video. Our cameras captured a new Security Shutter system installed at a shopping centre in Walsall, a Turbo Fold Door at a Midlands’ warehouse and an Industrial Shutter application in Kidderminster.

  1. Back to school

As the 2018 summer holidays began, we addressed the increased government pressure to improve fire safety in educational facilities. UK Rapid Doors is a leading manufacturer of high-quality Fire Safety Shutters, as certified by the Warrington Certification.

  1. Busy times

In October we reported on a hectic final quarter of the year for the team at UK Rapid Doors. We highlighted existing works in the West Midlands and London and an ongoing partnership with the ASDA superstore chain, plus our forthcoming work for a council development in Birmingham.

  1. Supermarket shutters

In November we completed a major installation of bespoke Turbo Fold Doors in Northamptonshire. These works were performed within five days on behalf of the WM Morrison’s supermarket chain at their new distribution centre at Latimer Park in Kettering.  

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At UK Rapid Door Systems, we manufacture and supply a wide selection of bespoke roller shutter doors and other industrial door systems that are designed and manufactured to the specifications of our clients.

To find out more about our range and how an installation can benefit your business, please call our friendly team on 0121 5656165.

A busy period ahead for the team at UK Rapid Doors

As we enter the final quarter of the year, the team at UK Rapid Doors are delighted to have a busy schedule ahead.

Many of our forthcoming projects focus on providing new installations for the retail sector, with a range of rapid doors required by clients seeking security, fire-proofing and ease of access.

Our team have already completed a project at The Saddlers Shopping Centre in Walsall this month (pictured below), removing an antiquated shutter and installing a new state-of-the-art system at one of the centre’s two main entrances.

The new installation provides easy access for shoppers and retailers from the main Park Street shopping area, incorporating one of the largest car parking areas in the town centre and the main entrance to Walsall train station.

Looking forward to the final months of 2018 we have also been sub-contracted to provide retail shutters for two major UK supermarket chains. Our team will provide steel security shutters for use at multiple ASDA sites during the following weeks – including the design, manufacture and installation of each new system.

We have also partnered with the company responsible for providing the majority of door installations for retail premises owned by The Co-operative, with whom we will work to provide new rapid shutter systems at sites across the region.

Though UK Rapid Doors are based in the West Midlands our team undertakes retail projects across the UK. This includes a forthcoming installation of rapid action security doors for nationwide pharmacy chain Boots at their new store in Croydon, South London.

With 2019 on the horizon, the team will also be installing security shutters at the new Smith’s Wood Medical Centre in North Solihull, Birmingham, due to open in the early months of next year.

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At UK Rapid Door Systems, we manufacture and supply a wide selection of bespoke roller shutter doors and other industrial door systems that are designed and manufactured to meet the specifications of our clients.

To find out more about our range and how an installation can benefit your business, please call our friendly team on 0121 5656165.

Security Shutter Benefits for Retailers

Retail environments are always a big target for eager criminals. Therefore, it is vital for retailers to enforce strong security precautions to deter criminals and prevent unauthorised entry by using security shutter systems as a barrier at all points of entry.

Recently, our team of approved subcontractors have been installing our custom made retail security shutters across the United Kingdom. Starting with a busy branch of Halifax bank based in Leeds, then Merry Hill McDonalds in Dudley, and ending with Brixworth Medical Centre, near Northampton. You can see the results for yourself over on our YouTube channel.

But with so many ways to keep your premises protected, what benefits do security shutters bring that cannot be provided by simply locking the doors and installing CCTV cameras?

Benefits of Security Shutters

Durable Design

Manufactured from steel or aluminium lath, our highly efficient manual and electric shutter doors come with a choice of curtain slats for installation and finish requirements. When comparing a steel or aluminium shop front shutter to a vulnerable glass window, security shutters are not only more likely to deter unwanted criminals, but will also add a higher level of protection for those who still attempt a break in.

Easy to Operate

Our strong security shutter doors are straightforward to install with the help of our expert team of approved subcontractors. Single or multi-controlled operation capabilities are included with your new shutters, to make the system easy to operate for everyone on the team who requires authorised access.

Suitable for Different Environments

Our high performance security roller shutters operate excellently in a variety of retail and commercial environments, from small entries to large industrial uses. Being custom made in the West Midlands, also allows us to cater the design to the requirements of your premise, as one size may not fit all.

Strong Protection

All of our retail security shutters can be perforated or fully punched to allow ongoing visibility, while remaining strong to hold against forcible entry. In addition, our enhanced vision curtains can be used where ventilation is needed or when illumination is required to act as a guide into the premise.

To take the extra step for added protection on your premise, get in touch with a member of the UK Rapid Door System’s team to discuss your commercial door requirements today on 0121 565 6165.

Turning up the heat on our Rapid Action Doors and Shutters

As the UK weather continues to astound us with periods of prolonged sunshine and hot balmy days, most people are turning their attention to their summer holidays – but not us!  Here at UK Rapid Doors, we continue to deliver a fast, competitive service, manufacturing and installing our rapid action doors quickly and efficiently no matter what the time of year.

Whilst our European competitors generally have a shutdown period from the end of July until early September, we keep our doors open, offering a super speedy two-week lead time as standard from when we have confirmation of drawings.

Not only can our customers benefit from our quick lead times, but they also have the added satisfaction of buying British as all of our doors are manufactured here in the UK.

To give you just an idea of what you can expect when ordering your industrial doors from UK Rapid Doors, here are a just a few examples of some of the trade projects we have completed in recent weeks.

Zip Fast Action Doors

This innovative door system provides the perfect solution to heat loss in busy industrial premises, as the doors open and close rapidly, helping you to maintain a constant temperature even with a lot of comings and goings.  Find out more about our Zip Speed Doors.

Zip fast action doorsZip door

Turbo Fold Fast Action Doors

With our turbo fold doors, you don’t have to waste time waiting for doors to open or lose valuable heat in the process.  Suitable for all industrial applications and in particular areas with high traffic flow, our turbo fold doors come in a range of RAL colours as you can see from the recent installations below:

turbo fold fast action doorsturbo fold door

Retail Security Shutters

When it comes to retail, you can’t take any risks with the security of your premises and that’s why our security shutters are so great – because they offer durability and safety whilst still looking tidy and stylish.  Available in a number of powder coated RAL colours, these shutters remain a popular product and are amongst our recent trade installations:

retail security shutterselectrical retail security shutters punched shutter

Industrial Shutters

Shutters are a great way to secure your industrial and commercial premises, as well as protect it against the spread of fire, and remain a popular product with our customers as you can see from the recent installations below:

Insulated Shutters

industrial shutters

If it’s business as usual for you this summer, and you want to get new rapid action doors up and running quickly, call us now on 0121 565 6165 or email us with your requirements.

Automated industrial doors in rising demand

A recent report has outlined the marked increase in the worldwide requirement for automated industrial doors, particularly for commercial purposes.

automated industrial doors

Automated doors have become an overwhelmingly popular option for securing and allowing easy access to commercial properties, beckoning a growing requirement in a wide range of sectors – from traditional use in workshops and garages to large-scale installations at financial institutions, offices and retail properties.

Here we offer a few reasons why automated industrial doors have become the prefered choice for commercial property owners over the past decade:


 High-tech modern design and production methods mean automated industrial doors can be produced to suit the exact needs of any commercial property owner. This bespoke approach allows businesses the freedom to install door systems that are tailor-made to help improve the efficiency of a workplace and increase productivity.


 Because security is an important factor for any business or institution, automated industrial doors are increasingly manufactured and installed with a range of high-performance security components as standard. These systems are designed for retail and commercial environments such as warehouses and retail properties that require resilient protection from potential intruders.


Commercial and retail properties are expected to offer easy access for disabled and elderly people, whether as customers or employees, a requirement that is a statutory part of modern legislation. Automated door installations offer perfect access points for wheelchair users and the elderly, and work perfectly with ramp installations.


 Automated commercial doors are increasingly preferred by businesses seeking to comply with modern safety standards, especially in retail and commercial environments. The continued development of Fire Shutter Doors has also allowed greater containment of industrial fires and a reduction in damage and loss.

 Cost effectiveness

Because modern automated commercial doors benefit from a high level of technical  design and are made from resilient, first-rate materials, they offer far greater longevity than older installations and a significantly lower requirement for replacements and repairs.

UK Rapid Door Systems offer a wide range of bespoke automated industrial door systems, click here to find out more.

Counteracting Retail Crime with Retail Security Shutters

Whatever the size of your retail business and irrespective of how long you have been operating, protecting your shop will be a key priority.  Recent research from the Association of Convenience Stores (ACS) 2017 Crime Report revealed that crime, such as shop theft, burglary, robbery and violence, cost convenience stores £232m last year.  This equates to an average of more than £4,600 per store.

The report also revealed that retailers were spending around £4000 per year on crime prevention measures including CCTV and security staff.   Whilst these are sensible steps to take, there may be one more important factor that retailers are overlooking – their shutters.

Retail security shutters provide a great first line of defence for your shop, helping to protect your building against forced entry when your shop is closed and thus providing protection for the costly goods you have stored within.

retail security shutters

Shop Security Shutters from UK Rapid Doors

At UK Rapid Doors we manufacture and install a wide range of industrial shutters suitable for retail environments.  The main features of our retail shutters are:

  • Constructed from steel or aluminium lath
  • Manual or electric options available
  • Choice of powder coating in many RAL colours
  • High level of integral strength to prevent forcible entry
  • Varying visual lath types to enhance store visibility
  • 1 year warranty on shutters

Preventing Retail Crime

Whilst the increased investment in preventative measures such as CCTV has increased awareness of the level of crimes, many smaller retailers are still being plagued by repeat thieves, who return to steal items of low value on a regular basis.  Here are some steps you can take to help decrease theft from your store:

  • Increase customer service on the shop floor as thieves find it more difficult to operate in a vigilant environment
  • Report crimes as soon as you can – also find out if you can report crime online in your area as this may act as a deterrent
  • Work with the local police as much as possible

To find out more about having security shutters installed to help protect your retail premises please contact UK Rapid Doors today on 0121 565 6165.