Looking back on our highlights of 2018

As the new year arrives, we can look back proudly on what has been a very busy and successful 2018 for the team here at UK Rapid Doors.

We’ve installed state-of-the-art door systems for clients across the UK over the past 12 months, working with partners in a wide range of sectors in locations in the West Midlands and beyond.

So as we welcome in the New Year, here we remember some of the projects and products that have been highlighted here on our blog during 2018.

  1. Temperature Controlled Doors

Way back in January we unveiled our new The Ice Freezer Door. This innovative temperature-controlled application was designed and manufactured to answer demand from UK businesses such as food processing companies that require temperature-critical working environments.

  1. Safety first

In March we responded to reports of a rise in accidents related to industrial door systems by outlining the key safety measures that should be made during installation and use. These include using trained operators, professional contracting and scheduled maintenance.

  1. On camera!

May saw us showcase three of our latest door installations via video. Our cameras captured a new Security Shutter system installed at a shopping centre in Walsall, a Turbo Fold Door at a Midlands’ warehouse and an Industrial Shutter application in Kidderminster.

  1. Back to school

As the 2018 summer holidays began, we addressed the increased government pressure to improve fire safety in educational facilities. UK Rapid Doors is a leading manufacturer of high-quality Fire Safety Shutters, as certified by the Warrington Certification.

  1. Busy times

In October we reported on a hectic final quarter of the year for the team at UK Rapid Doors. We highlighted existing works in the West Midlands and London and an ongoing partnership with the ASDA superstore chain, plus our forthcoming work for a council development in Birmingham.

  1. Supermarket shutters

In November we completed a major installation of bespoke Turbo Fold Doors in Northamptonshire. These works were performed within five days on behalf of the WM Morrison’s supermarket chain at their new distribution centre at Latimer Park in Kettering.  

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At UK Rapid Door Systems, we manufacture and supply a wide selection of bespoke roller shutter doors and other industrial door systems that are designed and manufactured to the specifications of our clients.

To find out more about our range and how an installation can benefit your business, please call our friendly team on 0121 5656165.

Fire shutter doors for educational facilities

Fire safety is an absolute essential for educational buildings such as schools, colleges and universities – with government legislation increasingly focused on improving standards.

So, with the summer break upon us, thousands of facilities across the UK will be looking to increase fire safety measures during the six-week holiday.

Here we look the role specialist fire shutter doors can play in improving fire safety in educational facilities, and why the summer break is the best time to get new systems installed.


All schools are now required to have fire shutters in place within their kitchen and canteen areas, so UK Rapid Doors manufactures fire shutters that meet these standards and offer up to four hours of fire resistance.

These high-tech systems react to a signal from the fire alarm, automatically closing the shutters via a controlled descent that allows time for evacuation before sealing the location off. This delays the spread of fire from one part of the building to the next and ensures that the affected area can be quickly and efficiently cleared of pupils and staff before the shutters close.


With pupils and the majority of adult employees away for the summer, this is the perfect time to introduce fire safety shutters to an educational building in time for the 2018/19 school year. This allows our expert team time to install and test your new system thoroughly without a disruption to day-to-day operations that might during term time.


At UK Rapid Doors we only design and manufacture the highest quality of fire door shutters. Our range is certified by Warrington Certification, an industry leader in fire safety and prevention, with each fire shutter door we produce tested and guaranteed to meet their standards of quality and safety.

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At UK Rapid Door Systems, we manufacture and supply a wide selection of bespoke fire shutter doors and other industrial door systems that are designed and manufactured to the specifications of our clients.

To find out more about our range and how an installation can benefit your business, please call our friendly team on 0121 5656165.

Automated industrial doors in rising demand

A recent report has outlined the marked increase in the worldwide requirement for automated industrial doors, particularly for commercial purposes.

automated industrial doors

Automated doors have become an overwhelmingly popular option for securing and allowing easy access to commercial properties, beckoning a growing requirement in a wide range of sectors – from traditional use in workshops and garages to large-scale installations at financial institutions, offices and retail properties.

Here we offer a few reasons why automated industrial doors have become the prefered choice for commercial property owners over the past decade:


 High-tech modern design and production methods mean automated industrial doors can be produced to suit the exact needs of any commercial property owner. This bespoke approach allows businesses the freedom to install door systems that are tailor-made to help improve the efficiency of a workplace and increase productivity.


 Because security is an important factor for any business or institution, automated industrial doors are increasingly manufactured and installed with a range of high-performance security components as standard. These systems are designed for retail and commercial environments such as warehouses and retail properties that require resilient protection from potential intruders.


Commercial and retail properties are expected to offer easy access for disabled and elderly people, whether as customers or employees, a requirement that is a statutory part of modern legislation. Automated door installations offer perfect access points for wheelchair users and the elderly, and work perfectly with ramp installations.


 Automated commercial doors are increasingly preferred by businesses seeking to comply with modern safety standards, especially in retail and commercial environments. The continued development of Fire Shutter Doors has also allowed greater containment of industrial fires and a reduction in damage and loss.

 Cost effectiveness

Because modern automated commercial doors benefit from a high level of technical  design and are made from resilient, first-rate materials, they offer far greater longevity than older installations and a significantly lower requirement for replacements and repairs.

UK Rapid Door Systems offer a wide range of bespoke automated industrial door systems, click here to find out more.

Is your business protected against fire?

Without upgrades such as fire shutter doors, the damage caused by a blaze can have devastating consequences for businesses of any size.

This can result in the loss of assets, causing serious disruption to the short and long-term operation of a company and having an adverse effect on customers.

Thankfully, advancement in fire prevention methods such as fire doors and shutters mean the spread of fire can be better managed than ever before, whilst legislation surrounding fire prevention continues to improve.

fire shutter doors

Here we discuss some key factors for preventing fire on business premises, and precautions to take in case the worst happens.

Fire Safety

Your company is legally obliged to follow health and safety regulations, and fire prevention figures prominently in those guidelines.

Responsibility to adhere to those rules falls to a number of parties including the business owner and the owner/landlord of the premises the company operates from. The business should also have personnel in place to oversee safety on site, such as a Facilities Manager, Building Manager or Risk Assessor.

Assessment and Awareness

To make sure the business and your employees are aware of safety procedure and potential fire hazards, the appointed safety officials should carry out a regular assessment of the premises and review it on a bi-monthly basis.

Once in place, it is the responsibility of all staff to maintain appropriate fire safety measures and to understand and practice the drill in the case of an emergency. Staff should also be provided with information, fire safety instruction and training in relation to fire hazard.


When fire does occur, especially outside of business hours, there are now a number of ways to suppress the spread and minimise damage.

Most modern commercial buildings now have sprinkler systems and fire doors installed, but it is the emergence of improved fire shutter doors that now play a leading role in preventing the spread of fire, with insulated fire proof shutter doors capable of withstanding intense heat for up to 4 hours.

Fire shutter doors systems such as our ‘Fire Stopper Insulated Fire shutter’ offer a ground-breaking twin skin steel lath construction that offers up to a 96% radiant reduction. This means that combustible materials can be stored 500mm away from a 1250 °C fire increasing floor space and reducing the risk of fire spread.

If you would like to find out more about protecting your business premises from fire damage, call us today on 0121 565 6165.

Fire Prevention for Schools

Following on from last week’s Fire Door Safety Week, this month we’re discussing fire prevention methods for schools. Whilst the number of deaths in school fires is thankfully very small, between 2000 and 2005 there were approximately 8,000 fires on school premises. (Source: https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/276389/buildingbulletin100_onlineversion.pdf) With less than half of these fires being caused accidentally, the biggest cause of school fires is arson.

The economic cost of a fire in a school is huge. Repercussions can include:

• the cost of having to hire temporary accommodation whilst the section of the school is rebuilt
• the cost to replace teaching aids
• loss of facilities for the community
• loss of coursework and personal property belonging to staff and students
• the implications of the number of pupil applications to the school in the subsequent years

Fire Safety Training

One of the key ways to prevent a fire from starting, is to educate and train members of staff in fire prevention and management. Schools have a legal responsibility to carry out risk assessments so as to identify key hazardous areas. These can be carried out by a trained member of staff or a member of the local fire brigade. For example, boxes of paper surrounding a photocopier are a prime target for a fire to ignite, due to the heat given off by a photocopier when in constant daily use, and the fact that paper is fuel for a fire. Staff should take care to identify alternative areas to store high volumes of paper, and the area surrounding the photocopier should be free from clutter.

Fire Detection Systems

It goes without saying that a fully operational fire detection system should be installed within all areas of a school, and should also be tested regularly. Many fires start during the school day, and it is vital that every member of staff and all pupils are fully aware and well-practised in evacuating the school building in a calm but swift manner. All alarms and fire detection methods should be tested regularly.


Fire Shutter Doors

Inevitably, the school kitchen is one of the prime areas within a school with a high fire risk. It therefore pays to have adequate methods in place to prevent a fire from spreading beyond the kitchen and throughout the school. Industrial fire shutters are becoming common place in school canteens, as a fire should remain contained within the kitchen and be prevented from spreading any further. At UK Rapid Door Systems we offer a range of high quality Fire Stopper fire shutter doors which are well suited for use in schools. With the ability to resist a fire for up to 240 minutes, the doors are designed to contain a fire until the emergency services can arrive.

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