Turbo Fold Door roll-out at major UK distribution centre

UK Rapid Doors are delighted to have completed a recent project for one of the biggest supermarket chains in the UK.

Our team installed nine of our new design Turbo Fold Doors at WM Morrison’s distribution centre at Latimer Park in Kettering, Northamptonshire – all for our trade partner Andrew Peters.

A challenging external installation where all the all the doors were projected off vertical steels which were set 250mm from the cladding line, our team managed to complete the works within 5 days.

Morrisons requested back to back fixing arrangement to provide maximum width for their fleet of HGV vehicles, a feature that could only be accommodated with our new inboard motor design.

All doors were produced in the UK at our production facility in Birmingham, our innovative Turbo Fold Doors have been upgraded to offer the following features:

  • Guide projection depth has been reduced to prevent unwanted noise in windy conditions
  • Framework is designed in galvanised steel as standard
  • Powder coating to any RAL colour is available
  • Hood is now a continuous arrangement (no unsightly step out box for motor)
  • Safety upgraded from basic wireless safety edge and 1 single photo cell to a light curtain with 16 safety photo cells
  • Headroom has been reduced from 1000mm to 825mm
  • Feig Inverter system comes as standard
  • Turbo Fold door design has impacted the Installation time which has been reduced by 30% compared to the old-style design
  • Turbo Fold door design has streamlined production throughput and improved delivery period by a massive 25% compared to the old-style design
  • Guide sections have been increased from 150mm to 250mm to enhance the already impressive level 5 wind load certification
  • The product cost remains unchanged!

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Safety first approach for commercial door installations

Safety is of upmost importance within the manufacturing sector and there has been great progress made in recent years to improve the already high standards of safety for commercial doors.

Despite this, reports of accidents involving industrial door systems in commercial premises still occur from time to time, the majority of which could have been easily avoided.

customised industrial door shutters

Here we look at a few of the ways that accidents can be prevented, making door installations safer and more efficient for the businesses that they serve.

Trained operators 

When the correct guidelines are followed, industrial door installations on commercial premises can be used hundreds of times each day without issue. At UK Rapid Doors we encourage our customers to train their operatives in the safe use of new industrial door installations, making them fully aware of safety procedures so accidents can be avoided.

Best Practice

The vast majority of accidents involving industrial doors occur when health and safety guidelines and best practice are not adhered to. Businesses in the UK are required by law to have a health and safety procedure in place, and it is highly recommended that the safe use of industrial door installations is integrated into those policies.

Professional installation 

Potential safety issues with a new industrial door system will be addressed at the point of design and installation, so choosing an experienced and professional supplier will go a long way to ensuring all safety standards are met. As such, thorough safety testing should be a key part of fitting any new commercial door system. 

Scheduled maintenance 

Though modern commercial door installations are manufactured to a very high quality and can function for many years, maintenance is still an important factor in assuring that a system runs safely. We recommend scheduled checks to be made on old and new doors, just to make sure that everything is working as it should.

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Automated industrial doors in rising demand

A recent report has outlined the marked increase in the worldwide requirement for automated industrial doors, particularly for commercial purposes.

automated industrial doors

Automated doors have become an overwhelmingly popular option for securing and allowing easy access to commercial properties, beckoning a growing requirement in a wide range of sectors – from traditional use in workshops and garages to large-scale installations at financial institutions, offices and retail properties.

Here we offer a few reasons why automated industrial doors have become the prefered choice for commercial property owners over the past decade:


 High-tech modern design and production methods mean automated industrial doors can be produced to suit the exact needs of any commercial property owner. This bespoke approach allows businesses the freedom to install door systems that are tailor-made to help improve the efficiency of a workplace and increase productivity.


 Because security is an important factor for any business or institution, automated industrial doors are increasingly manufactured and installed with a range of high-performance security components as standard. These systems are designed for retail and commercial environments such as warehouses and retail properties that require resilient protection from potential intruders.


Commercial and retail properties are expected to offer easy access for disabled and elderly people, whether as customers or employees, a requirement that is a statutory part of modern legislation. Automated door installations offer perfect access points for wheelchair users and the elderly, and work perfectly with ramp installations.


 Automated commercial doors are increasingly preferred by businesses seeking to comply with modern safety standards, especially in retail and commercial environments. The continued development of Fire Shutter Doors has also allowed greater containment of industrial fires and a reduction in damage and loss.

 Cost effectiveness

Because modern automated commercial doors benefit from a high level of technical  design and are made from resilient, first-rate materials, they offer far greater longevity than older installations and a significantly lower requirement for replacements and repairs.

UK Rapid Door Systems offer a wide range of bespoke automated industrial door systems, click here to find out more.

Key features of the ultimate factory door

As business is becoming more fast-paced, operational processes need to keep up in order for companies to stay competitive. This often means dealing with busy factory environments, where all operations need to run smoothly with minimal downtime and running costs. Surprisingly, something as simple as installing an efficient factory door can improve operational flow whilst generating big long-term savings. When choosing your factory door here are some key factors to consider which will ensure that you choose the best option for your facility.

factory door


Maximising space

How much space do you have? For smaller factory environments, a door with bulky mechanisms, with a surrounding frame and roof, can consume your needed space. Instead a high speed roller or folding factory door can help you make the most of your available room. These doors do not require other structures outside of their frames. Turbo roll and fold doors will simply roll or fold up in their contained door space, improving space efficiency. If you need to consistently provide access for pedestrians, choose an industrial door which can incorporate a sliding gate or wicket gate, as this will offer easier access for foot traffic.

High speed doors

How fast a door acts and recovers from any obstruction is essential for improved workflow. High speed industrial doors are especially beneficial for factories that require vehicle access, to minimise the wait time for drivers and build-up of traffic. The ultimate factory door should be able to operate in seconds, whilst being able to recover its position in one open and closing cycle if dislodged.

Temperature control

An insufficient factory door might tamper with internal conditions, but it can also cost you more in energy consumption. In environments where the temperature must be regulated, a high speed door can improve temperature maintenance by reducing the amount of heat that escapes and the amount of cold air that comes in. An insulated fast-acting door, will further help to block any exterior weather which could impact the inside of your factory, as well as improving energy efficiency. As well as drafts, insulated high speed doors are also useful for preventing dust or vermin from entering the facility.


Industrial doors are built to be highly durable and secure to deter unwanted access. However, for establishments needing extra security, steel or aluminium doors are extremely resilient and can provide optimal protection.

Improving health and safety

Depending on your business, fire safety may be a crucial concern in your factory. Fire shutter doors will reduce radiant heat and the risk of compartmental fire spread. Our ‘fire stopper’ insulated doors use a twin skin steel lath construction that offers up to a 96% radiant reduction. An insulated fire door will help to improve safety for your staff and control damage to your property.

Our versatile, strong and energy-efficient range of industrial doors work innovatively to improve operations in factory settings. Our quality doors effectively control operating atmospheres, temperature, noise or dust and vermin, and are available in a range of RAL colours to suit your corporate identity. To find out more, you can call our team on 0121 565 6165, or email enquiries@ukrapiddoorsystems.co.uk and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.