Why Choose an Insulated Dual Door 1000?

In a busy industrial environment where the smooth running of processes is critical, your industrial doors must be fast-operating and highly durable, but also thermally insulating.

A dual insulated industrial door is ideal for warehouses and units with high traffic flow, as the double skin panels effectively prevent any heat unwantedly escaping, even when the doors are closed. Combined with a high speed operating system, the Insulated Dual Door 1000 can avert large temperature differences and improve energy-savings for businesses.

With a highly secure double skin profile, DPU door offers superior thermal protection to lower temperature loss at openings and help to reduce operating costs. This is especially beneficial for facilities handling fresh goods or goods reliant on a consistent temperatures in storage, as it can minimise the amount of energy needed in any cooling processes. The Insulated Dual Door 1000 features:

  • A pre galvanised 110mm deep insulated lath curtain with ‘U’ value of 3.9W/m2K
  • An insulation value of 4.8W/m2K
  • An operating speed of 800mm to 1000mm per second, ensuring that little time is lost waiting for the door to open and that minimal heat will be lost
  • Hard wearing nylon end locks and an aluminium bottom seal, with a rubber weather seal
  • Steel profiled channel side guides with twin siliconised weather strips
  • A safe drive motor unit with built on frequency inverter for effective operation
  • A safety bottom edge and photo cell for use in cold store warehouses

Using forward technology and manufactured in the Midlands, the Insulated Dual Door 1000 is an extremely secure, high quality and high speed solution to your operational needs.

The benefits of the Insulated Dual Door 1000

  • The dual door opens vertically and therefore creates more space in front of and behind the opening
  • As a sturdy and tightly sealed DPU door, the Insulated Dual Door 1000 provides excellent security
  • Its weathertight seals provide brilliant resilience against a range of outdoor conditions
  • The Insulated door is ribbed for a modern and elegant appearance, and can be powder coated in a range of RAL/BS colours
  • The solid, thermally insulating industrial door is extremely durable and requires little maintenance

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Save Your Business Time with a Turbo Roll High Speed Door

Here at UK Rapid Door Systems we specialise in manufacturing and installing energy efficient Turbo Roll High Speed Doors. With prices starting from just £2,500 +VAT and a selection of RAL colours to choose from, our team at UK Rapid Doors will be pleased to provide advice and guidance regarding the most suitable high speed door for your premises. Just give us a call on 0121 565 6165 or email enquiries@ukrapiddoorsystems.co.uk to find out more information.

Operating at a speed of up to 1.5 metres per second, our carefully made doors help to save workers valuable time as they dramatically reduce the time spent waiting for conventional doors to open and close.

But what are the other key benefits of having a turbo roll high speed door fitted into your business premises? Let’s take a closer look at the top 5 features:

6. Creating a better working environment

With a quiet operation, the Turbo door won’t be a distraction or nuisance for employees in its vicinity. Although lightweight, the Turbo door is resilient and will help to reduce noise contamination from the outside or adjoining areas. This is particularly beneficial if you’ll be using a high speed door for an external area where bad weather conditions could create a lot of noise.


7. Lowering contamination

The folding door will reduce drafts because of its tight sealing and minimal opening and closing time. You’ll also be able to more effectively protect any goods or equipment being stored, as the Turbo door reduces the risk of airborne pollution and dust deposits entering your facility.

8. Ease of use

The Turbo Fold High Speed Door requires low maintenance, and as a self-operated, automated system, it makes for a reliable, easy to use high speed door system.

9. Extremely resistant

Importantly, the Turbo door is highly durable and resistant to extreme exterior conditions. Wind tested to level 5, you can be sure that the Turbo door will provide excellent protection for your building against bad weather, for the long-term.

10. Versatile

There are a range of colour and size options available to suit your individual requirements. Colours can be matched to your company colours and vary from bright yellow through to grey.
For more information on our range of industrial door systems or to speak to our team about your requirements, please call us on 0121 565 6165 or email enquiries@ukrapiddoorsystems.co.uk.

How a Zip Speed Door Can Improve Your Workflow

Within every industrial and commercial sector, whether logistics, retail, food, automotive or storage, it’s essential that an optimised workflow around entries and openings, or an efficient loading and unloading of goods is maintained.

High speed doors are valuable for efficient operations, as operating a slow door at crucial areas of traffic, can lead to a bottleneck and a slowed down workflow. Equally, if an obstruction should occur in or around the opening, a fast acting door would be able to easily and quickly recover and minimise disruption. Although a relatively new industrial and commercial door to the market, Zip Speed doors are seeing an increased uptake for usage across a range of environments – factories, warehouses, distribution centres, and cold storage facilities. Zip Speed doors provide a highly durable, resilient and efficient solution to enhance a fluid workflow across these different environments and ease pressure from high-traffic areas.

How does a Zip Speed door system work?zip speed industrial door

Zip, high speed doors can be used to optimise both exterior and interior openings, as they can tightly seal off your vicinity from harsh outdoor conditions and hygienically separate different sections within. Using latest technologies, Zip Speed doors feature an automated roll up design, simply slotting into compact free-standing side and head columns.

With a push of a button, either mounted beside the door or through a handheld remote device, the door will initiate, acting with a high speed for ease of use and efficiency. Zip Speed doors include options for motion detectors, to effectively respond to moving objects within or outside of the opening in all weather conditions. Additionally, induction loop detectors can be fitted so that the zip door reacts to stationary or moving vehicles. It will ignore pedestrians, so that inbound or outbound deliveries or goods can be transported smoothly and without stopping.

Boosting work performance

With increased efficiency, a Zip Speed door is an ideal system for busy industrial and commercial facilities, where time is valuable. In the event of an accident, where the door is dislodged on impact, an intelligently designed self-repairing system will be activated. The flexible zip, high speed door will recover its position with just one open and closing cycle, without damaging any obstructions. This makes them a reliable solution to minimise the impact of problems with workflow and the build-up of traffic.

As a strong, fast and durable door, Zip Speed doors reduce draughts and heat loss, so that desired temperatures can be maintained and energy savings can be made. This is why they are ideal for cold storage, clean room or food operations, where regulated temperatures and hygiene are critical to business. The Zip Speed doors will effectively keep out pests and vermin or dirt, as they are heavy-duty and have minimal opening time. As a highly resilient door, they are also wind load tested to category 5, providing greater protection for personnel and goods from extreme weather.

To find out how Zip Speed doors can improve your logistics and productivity, or to see our range of industrial high speed doors, please call us on 0121 565 6165, or email enquiries@ukrapiddoorsystems.co.uk.

Which Energy Saving Doors should you choose for your Workplace?

If you are looking to conserve energy in the workplace as well as making financial savings on your heating bills, it may be advisable to install energy saving doors. Here we review the various types of doors you can install to save energy:

Types of Energy Saving Industrial Doors

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