Our innovative Temperature Controlled Door solution

As the market for Automated Industrial Doors continues to flourish, the demand for high-tech temperature controlled doors has risen accordingly.

Businesses requiring temperature-critical storage as part of their working processes have called on the sector to produce more effective solutions, requiring innovative insulated door systems that offer high performance in essential temperature controlled environments.

At UK Rapid Door Systems we have responded to these requirements by developing and manufacturing The ICE Freezer Door, a versatile model that has been created with the latest technology and offers a simple, high speed mechanism that is perfect for industrial cold store environments.

Suited for applications as varied as food and beverage processing to below zero cold storage units, the ICE system offers a range of great specifications that make it highly effective and cost effective.


The ICE door performs and maintains temperatures between +70 °C and -30°C, incorporating a twin skin 900g/m2 fabric curtain set 230mm apart with an integral heating system – ensuring there is no ice buildup.

Designed with tailored manufacture in mind, the ICE door system is available in made to measure sizes up to 4000mm wide x 5000mm high, with the efficiency of the system ensuring that far fewer defrost cycles will be required, reducing the running costs of even the largest cold store unit.

An economic and cost effective system, The ICE Freeze Door offers a high speed function that reduces the amount of time that doors are open for,  minimising the expensive energy costs associated with maintain sub zero temperatures.

Because we understand that day-to-day performance is key, this bold design also incorporates an innovative self-repairing system should the curtain become dislodged through impact. In this event the ICE door has been designed to regain a correct working position with a single one open and closing cycle, reducing downtime and further empathising its energy efficient credentials.

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Our industrial freezer doors start from just £7,000 and with all doors manufactured to the bespoke requirements of your business including size, colour and branding.

To find out more about the temperature controlled doors from UK Rapid Door Systems, please contact our sales team on 0121 565 6165 or email enquiries@ukrapiddoorsystems.co.uk.

The key to customised industrial door shutters

At UK Rapid Doors we understand that every client we work with has specific needs when it comes to industrial door installations.

Because of this, we offer customised industrial door shutters that are crafted to the needs of our customers and the sectors in which they operate, manufacturing high-performance industrial doors that meet the requirements of modern businesses.

customised industrial door shutters

Here we offer a few key customisations to consider when choosing a shutter system that will be perfect for your business.


Industrial doors offer a key access point to your business that may be used hundreds of times every day, so they must be built to measure. Shutter doors can be manufactured to the exact dimensions that are required for a business premises, with the height, width and size of entry all completely customisable.


Modern industrial door installations offer cutting edge security options that are essential for commercial buildings, helping to protect businesses from theft, vandalism and arson. A range of materials including steel and aluminium lath can be used to manufacture industrial doors with protective curtain slats, tailor-made to give added security and peace of mind.


Industrial door systems don’t have to be grey or metallic anymore, and are increasingly used as an opportunity to display branding and company colours. Modern installations can be manufactured in a vast range of colours and designs, adding some corporate flair to your business premises.

Access control

However your business premises operates, the opening mechanism for industrial door systems can be an important factor. Installations can be built with internal and/or external opening systems and can even be operated remotely, as is often the case with retail security shutters.

Fire protection

The modern manufacture of industrial doors means that shutter systems are now widely available with essential safety advancements such as specialised fire shutters. Such installations help to contain the spread of fire within commercial buildings and restrict the damage, and cost, a fire can inflict.

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At UK Rapid Door Systems we manufacture and supply a wide selection of bespoke roller shutter doors and other industrial door systems that are designed and manufactured to the specifications of our clients.

To find out more about our range and how an installation can benefit your business, please call our friendly team on 0121 5656165.