Industrial Doors Blog recap: A look back at the year that was

A year is a long time in any industry and 2017 has certainly been an interesting and challenging one in the world of industrial doors and related systems.

So with 2018 on the horizon, we look back at what we learned this year – from rising energy costs, increased demand for industrial doors and advancements in fire awareness.

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In March we offered a comprehensive guide to the use of Industrial Doors and explained how, from Turbo folding doors to insulated dual doors, we can provide an ideal solution – Read

What are the key features of the ultimate factory door? Back in February we looked at how installing an efficient factory door can improve operational flow whilst generating big long-term savings – Read

Keep on reading in 2018!

 As one of the UK’s leading manufacturers and installers of rapid acting doors, we know a fair bit about the industry! So, with over 40 years’ experience in the trade our blog page is always a great source of news and opinion from the sector, with plenty more coming up in the New Year.

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Cutting commercial energy costs with efficient door systems

A recent report has found that average electricity prices are 50% more expensive for small businesses than for much larger commercial consumers.

These worrying findings, underlined in Ofgem’s recent ‘State of the Energy Markets’ report, suggests that retail markets typically work well for larger businesses, but small and micro businesses can expect to pay far more on average.

The reports states that smaller business pay more for electricity bills because, unlike their larger counterparts, they are unable to negotiate good deals with suppliers and very rarely choose to switch to alternative providers.

Indeed, more than half (58%) of smaller companies have never switched suppliers or have moved on just a single occasion.

Cost effectiveness

With more than 60% of small business customers on poor value deals, which can be around £300 more expensive each year than the cheapest fixed term deals, it’s important to look at alternative ways to drive down energy costs for your business.

For businesses that require fast access to their working premises, conventional doors can prove effective but expensive to run, so upgrading to efficient door systems offers a great way to lower electricity costs for your business.

At UK Rapid Doors we offer energy efficient fast acting door systems which provide a fantastic solution for busy industrial premises. Suitable for high traffic flow, these fast action systems dramatically reduce running costs, heat loss and the working time lost whilst waiting for antiquated roller shutter doors to open.

Because modern automated commercial doors benefit from a high level of technical  design and are made from resilient, first-rate materials, they also offer far greater longevity that older installations and a significantly lower requirement for replacements and repairs, saving even more money in the long-run!

UK Rapid Door Systems offer a wide range of bespoke efficient door systems, click here to find out more.