Is your business protected against fire?

Without upgrades such as fire shutter doors, the damage caused by a blaze can have devastating consequences for businesses of any size.

This can result in the loss of assets, causing serious disruption to the short and long-term operation of a company and having an adverse effect on customers.

Thankfully, advancement in fire prevention methods such as fire doors and shutters mean the spread of fire can be better managed than ever before, whilst legislation surrounding fire prevention continues to improve.

fire shutter doors

Here we discuss some key factors for preventing fire on business premises, and precautions to take in case the worst happens.

Fire Safety

Your company is legally obliged to follow health and safety regulations, and fire prevention figures prominently in those guidelines.

Responsibility to adhere to those rules falls to a number of parties including the business owner and the owner/landlord of the premises the company operates from. The business should also have personnel in place to oversee safety on site, such as a Facilities Manager, Building Manager or Risk Assessor.

Assessment and Awareness

To make sure the business and your employees are aware of safety procedure and potential fire hazards, the appointed safety officials should carry out a regular assessment of the premises and review it on a bi-monthly basis.

Once in place, it is the responsibility of all staff to maintain appropriate fire safety measures and to understand and practice the drill in the case of an emergency. Staff should also be provided with information, fire safety instruction and training in relation to fire hazard.


When fire does occur, especially outside of business hours, there are now a number of ways to suppress the spread and minimise damage.

Most modern commercial buildings now have sprinkler systems and fire doors installed, but it is the emergence of improved fire shutter doors that now play a leading role in preventing the spread of fire, with insulated fire proof shutter doors capable of withstanding intense heat for up to 4 hours.

Fire shutter doors systems such as our ‘Fire Stopper Insulated Fire shutter’ offer a ground-breaking twin skin steel lath construction that offers up to a 96% radiant reduction. This means that combustible materials can be stored 500mm away from a 1250 °C fire increasing floor space and reducing the risk of fire spread.

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