Counteracting Retail Crime with Retail Security Shutters

Whatever the size of your retail business and irrespective of how long you have been operating, protecting your shop will be a key priority.  Recent research from the Association of Convenience Stores (ACS) 2017 Crime Report revealed that crime, such as shop theft, burglary, robbery and violence, cost convenience stores £232m last year.  This equates to an average of more than £4,600 per store.

The report also revealed that retailers were spending around £4000 per year on crime prevention measures including CCTV and security staff.   Whilst these are sensible steps to take, there may be one more important factor that retailers are overlooking – their shutters.

Retail security shutters provide a great first line of defence for your shop, helping to protect your building against forced entry when your shop is closed and thus providing protection for the costly goods you have stored within.

retail security shutters

Shop Security Shutters from UK Rapid Doors

At UK Rapid Doors we manufacture and install a wide range of industrial shutters suitable for retail environments.  The main features of our retail shutters are:

  • Constructed from steel or aluminium lath
  • Manual or electric options available
  • Choice of powder coating in many RAL colours
  • High level of integral strength to prevent forcible entry
  • Varying visual lath types to enhance store visibility
  • 1 year warranty on shutters

Preventing Retail Crime

Whilst the increased investment in preventative measures such as CCTV has increased awareness of the level of crimes, many smaller retailers are still being plagued by repeat thieves, who return to steal items of low value on a regular basis.  Here are some steps you can take to help decrease theft from your store:

  • Increase customer service on the shop floor as thieves find it more difficult to operate in a vigilant environment
  • Report crimes as soon as you can – also find out if you can report crime online in your area as this may act as a deterrent
  • Work with the local police as much as possible

To find out more about having security shutters installed to help protect your retail premises please contact UK Rapid Doors today on 0121 565 6165.