Healthy and Safety Compliance: Why Regular Industrial Door Maintenance Matters

Installing a highly efficient industrial door is one step towards improving work productivity and health and safety within your facility. A high-speed door with a fast and automatic recovery is a key way to reduce the risk of injury or accident should something become obstructed in the door opening. However, by not sufficiently maintaining your door system you could be putting people’s safety at risk and become liable for any problems that do occur.


Why does an industrial door system need regular maintenance?

In April 2009, two employees were in the process of repairing a roller shutter door that had been damaged after being struck by a forklift truck. The door had been knocked off its guides however the frame structure was held to the wall by 8 bolts on each side.

When 6 of the bolts were removed on one side, they attempted to manipulate the door back into the slides, however the roller door fell onto them and trapped them both. Both employees suffered serious leg fractures.

Luckily their injuries weren’t fatal, however their injury and their subsequent leave from work could have simply been prevented by a regular door maintenance service.

Getting a maintenance service for your industrial doors

For any of your industrial doors we offer a regular service and repair call out package. This means that should your door become damaged, worn or out of service, you can get a professional and prompt repair from properly equipped and highly skilled engineers.

Having a reliable maintenance service in place will give you peace of mind that your doors will be repaired to comply with health and safety, without risk to your employees or others on site. There are a number of benefits to having your industrial doors maintained:

• As well as improving health and safety in the workplace, you’ll be able to comply with legal requirements.

• If something should happen to your door, our fast call out service will help you minimise downtime. We understand the needs and demands of the industry so will ensure we can get your business running normally as quickly as possible.

• Keeping your doors in top condition by being regularly maintained, will prolong the operational life of your assets and make sure that they’re in an efficient and safe order.

• Our expert team will be able to identify any possible health hazards before they become a problem, and can recommend any improvements that are needed to boost your operational productivity.

• Along with preventing the premature replacement of parts, a maintenance package that keeps your industrial doors in the best condition could save you money in the long run by helping you avoid potentially costly emergency call out charges.

If you’d like to find out more about getting your industrial doors maintained or to get a quote from our team, feel free to call us on 0121 565 6165 or email